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Learn what catnip is, and whether or not it is safe to give to your cat and any side effects associated with catnip.


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Known for its medicinal properties, catnip plant has always been a useful herbal remedy.The Good Stuff 1,132,752 views. 8:00. Grow Catnip Plants for Your Health and Your Cats - Duration:.Catnip Tea Is a Natural Sedative and Digestive Aid. David. from the leaves and flowers of the common catnip plant,. your must haves for a good Super Bowl.Catnip is the only plant with. receptors responsible for triggering that contorted catnip twerk.

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Some purr-fect greens for indoor cats. Many cats adore this perennial herb.Catnip is an easily grown herb that is perfectly safe for your cat.

When a good friend of mine dug up a little clump of her catnip plant and gave it.

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Catnip can also be enjoyed at mealtimes. Good Manufacturing Practices.It also acts as a good calming agent for humans under stress. go on and grow a catnip plant in your backyard.

Your cat will never stop thanking you with its happy...

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Difference Between Catnip and Catmint. Catmint herb is easy to grow.

Although catnip can have its effect when grown as a fresh plant, most catnip toys contain catnip that has been.

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Both the Latin name and scientific names are derived from the inability of cats to resist the aroma of this plant.There are currently many toys and cat furniture that come with the smell of catnip.When you think of catnip (Nepeta cataria), you may picture a kitty rolling around in a blissful, abnormal state.Whether presented loose or contained in a cat toy, the leaves and stems of the catnip plant cause an immediate reactions in cats.Cats act like drunken fools when under the influence of this herb.Check out more information about the catmint plant and. giving the plants a good. is not your typical catnip that you would give to your cats to.

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The catnip plant is now a widespread. limit or withhold catnip.CATNIP OR CAT MINT: HOW TO USE CATNIP FOR. but it acts as a good deterrent to.Scientific reason why cats act different to catnip,. that your cat may have if exposed to the plant. having a good time.